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Shannon Wilke

Anyone know how to contact her need some things

Alcohol Replies: 2 (Last reply )

Owenton Wet/Dry thing is back in the news

Signatures sought for county wet/dry vote Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at 6:00 am (Updated: December 18, 6:02 am) For the third time in just eight ...

Guest Replies: 5 (Last reply )

Confederate Flag

Since the Confederate Flag debate has been going on across the United States, I was wondering what is the opinion of people in Owen County on the ...

Bull3256 Replies: 1 (Last reply )

Looking to hook up

hi Owenton Kentucky area. I've lived in Owenton Kentucky my whole life & I have been single my whole life. I live in a apartment & yes, I'm poor. I'm ...


Owen County Fair canceled

The Owen County Fair has been canceled for 2020 thanks to Covid-19 where there are now 22 cases in Owenton. A lot of people are upset 😡 but I can ...

Slick Replies: 2 (Last reply )

Coronavirus in Owenton

Everything has shutdown in Owenton as a precaution of the Coronavirus. I don't think the Coronavirus has had much of an impact here in Owenton as it ...

CharlieDan87 Replies: 1 (Last reply )

Anybody know Laura Perkens?

See her around town once in a while. Doesn't talk much but is easy on the eyes and a pretty smile. Cute, short little thing. Can anybody tell me about ...

Loser54 Replies: 4 (Last reply )

Welcome to my life

I live in Owenton Kentucky & I was born & raised in Owenton & I've lived in Owenton my whole life. I've never had a relationship or gotten married ...

Cloak Replies: 6 (Last reply )

Owenton is dead

I hate to see Owenton Kentucky in the shape that it is now. Owenton Kentucky has deteriorated so much that it's pretty much a ghost town at most times ...


Thieves in Owenton

Two Suspects were at the High School & I guess they someone's credit card because they went to target & used it & now the Owen County cops is looking ...


Mayor Adam Gaines

Mayor Adam Gaines is a joke. He appointed J. O. powers to the Owenton City Council who is a former Owen County mayor. I guess that's called doing ...

Anonymous Replies: 6 (Last reply )

Never learned how to drive

I'll admit that I have lived in Owenton my whole life which is 41 years & I've never owned a vehicle & I never learned how to drive. I have to push my ...


Alternative to Owenton Topix forums

We are really sorry, that Owenton topix forums have been closed down. But we believe that discussion forums are not dead, so we offer everyone this ...

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