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Since the Confederate Flag debate has been going on across the United States, I was wondering what is the opinion of people in Owen County on the Confederate Flag? are you against it? are you for it? Comment your thoughts & opinions on the Confederate Flag below. Thanks!

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I actually support the Confederate Flag in Owenton Kentucky but you don't see it nowhere in Owenton but people in Owenton do have them. The High School banned the Confederate Flag. The Owen County Rebels logo however does resemble a Confederate General on horse back if you look closely at it. Most people in Owenton don't even care if you fly it or not after all, Owen County is a small town & people don't really care what you do in a small town. Fly the Confederate Flag if you want to because I see nothing wrong with it.

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Boone County changed it's logo & a lot of parents weren't to happy with the change which I completely understand. Owen County is keeping it's name. Racial Tensions is high in the United States right now. Trump supports the Confederate Flags & so you have angry people calling Trump a traitor. Most people argue that The Confederate Flag is a traitors Flag & should be locked in a museum. Some people who support the Confederate Flag say the reason they fly it is because to them, that Flag represents their love for fishing & hunting & they support Southern Pride. It's a continued battle over The Confederate Flag. It's not that way in Owenton. Owenton is mostly white people. Very few blacks call Owenton home. People in Owenton respects your right to fly the Flag. Owenton doesn't fly the Confederate Flag though at public buildings. It's your first amendment right to fly the Confederate Flag if you want to do that but just don't be obnoxious about it. There is some public places though where it's not a good idea to wear the Confederate Flag namely Cowboys in Owenton but I don't know because the people that own it are foreign. It does offend some people so you want to be considerate of other people's feelings. The Confederate Flag is a cool looking symbol so I think that's why it's a very popular or it has a lot to with the fact that it's popular. It's also on the General Lee in The Dukes of Hazzard. Love that show.

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Fat cat

Yes, well some people do have an issue with the Confederate Flag. It's just like what happened with that Michigan Couple. The white woman bumped the 15 year old African American girl coming out of the Chick-fil-A. The black woman & her daughter instigated the whole thing by calling the white woman racist & threatening her husband. The black lady hit the back of the white couples minivan & that's when the white lady jumped out & pulled the gun on the black lady & the white lady in the video can be heard yelling back the f*** up!!! The black lady & her daughter tried to make it about race. The white couple was charged with Felonious assault & arrested & they also lost their jobs because of that bs! Race Tensions are high in this country right now. Nascar did ban the Confederate Flag thanks to Bubba Wallace who got booood!!!! & people cheerd when Bubba Wallace crashed his car. People are upset at Nascar because they banned the Confederate Flag. In small towns like Owenton though, the earlier comments are correct, nobody cares if you fly the Confederate Flag or not. It's your 1st admement right to do so. The debate over the Confederate Flag will continue I guess because a lot of people argue it's their right to fly it if they want to & they aren't wrong about that.

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