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I hate to see Owenton Kentucky in the shape that it is now. Owenton Kentucky has deteriorated so much that it's pretty much a ghost town at most times of the day. Minches Hardware is out of business & the reason they went under was because nobody was shopping there anymore. The old Saveway building is for sale & I guess they will have a very difficult time selling it. Family Dollar & Dollar General seem to be doing fairly well. The crime rate in Owenton is steadily increasing at an alarming rate. Heroin has overtaken Owenton. This town has nothing for nobody. Have you seen the Owenton Kentucky Christmas Parade? What a joke! Owenton has all of these abandoned buildings & houses like that one across from the car lot near the alley. There is a lot of land in Owenton that could be developed but the city isn't doing anything about that. The Owenton City Council is a joke just like Owenton is a joke. Owenton used to have a lot of stuff like Morgan & Thomas but now, that's all gone. Bird Dogs Coffee isn't helping Owenton as I can tell because I hear that place is only for rich snobs. Owenton's GED program went under because people in Owenton don't care about getting a GED. In Owenton these days, it's like every man for himself. Owenton has a cop car parked at the Fairgrounds so that just goes to show you how lame this town really is. Mayor Adam Gaines is a joke as well. Terry Gentry is alright tho. I just wish Owenton could get something in this town for entertainment but that won't happen until this town becomes wet.

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The only think keeping Owenton Kentucky afloat is Meadowview Shopwise, Family Dollar & Dollar General, Save-a-Lot & McDonald's. That's the only thing Owenton has going for it. Owenton is never going to be like it once was because those days are gone. If you don't have a vehicle or a driver's license & you live in Owenton then you are screwed basically. Owenton has the Fairgrounds so if your feeling bored then I guess that's something to do at least. Owenton is so boring because there is nothing & I do mean nothing to do. I remember when Morgan & Thomas sold comic books & stuffed animals. Owenton has gotten so bad now that u r better off leaving Owenton if u can because you will be doing yourself a favor. That abandoned house beside the old Saveway building needs to be condemned because it's an eyesore. Owenton is ok as a retirement community I guess but not to live in.

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King Shark

Tiger, U R so right. People R moving from Owenton every week basically & at the rate people R leaving Owenton, businesses like Meadowview Shopwise & Save-a-Lot will be screwed. Owenton desperately needs new businesses 2 locate in Owenton & because Owenton is not wet, that won't happen anytime soon. The people in Owenton screwed Owenton by not voting Owenton wet but that's people in small rural communities 4 U. Now that Minches Hardware is out of business, I don't know what's going there next. Larry Tackett Men's Warehouse in Owenton is still in business but I don't know how since they R sky high & don't get many customers. Southern States is doing really well only because they sell farm stuff. I'm sure it will eventually go out of business because at the rate Owenton is losing people, Owenton will be a ghost town in 5 years or less.

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Have you taken a look around Owenton lately?, It is a small rural town after all. The reason Owenton doesn't have anything is because a railroad was never built to Owenton. I understand that when a majority of the voters voted Owenton to stay dry, that upset & alienated people who wanted Owenton to be wet. I would say Owenton might be wet if it passes but I doubt that it will ever pass to be honest. I understand there might be a situation where you can't leave Owenton because you don't have the money. I would say to that save your money & try to earn some money & leave Owenton if your not happy with the way things are going in Owenton right now. Let's face facts here, Owenton is always going to be a small little town that has nothing unless someone does something to change that fact. Owenton can't compete with places like Florence, Frankfort & Dry Ridge Kentucky. Owenton doesn't even have a hospital. If you want top quality entertainment & Healthcare then Owenton isn't for you. Owenton is more for people who are rich, people who hunt, fish, camp & hike & things like that. When I say Owenton is for people who are rich & wealthy, I have 2 good examples of that. 1 is Elk Creek Hunt Club, Have you seen those prices they charge??? That would break a rich man up! 2 is Bird Dogs Coffee. They also charge an arm & a leg which is outrageous. I also have another example which is that winery place in Owenton. They have prices sky high there. Owenton is for rich people basically & the places I mentioned above just proves my point. If your poor or you live in poverty & you live in Owenton, your screwed basically because Owenton has that mentality every man for himself type of deal. That's the vibes I get from Owenton. Owenton has to be one of the poorest places in Kentucky. Hazzard Kentucky is like that also but Hazzard is a little bit bigger then Owenton. There isn't any jobs in Owenton & even there was, you do something wrong just one time & you risk getting fired & that would suck. Owenton is ok if you have a vehicle but if you don't have a vehicle, a city is where you want to be, not a small rural town out in the middle of nowhere.

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Your right on your thoughts but for my. opinion and I lived in florence for 30 years and now I live here in owenton, 8 miles out in west 22, now keep in mind I'm 82 slept in the jungles in the phillipines But I wouldn't move back to the rat race in florence ky where raising children was a nightmare.

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I feel like Owenton needs a recreation center for families and youth. i have somewhat of a half assed business plan for one and when I get the money to do it, I will. I'm tired of kids not having something to do what they would enjoy. Hopefully that will help feminist the drug and crime issues.

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Meant deminish not feminist lol

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