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I live in Owenton Kentucky & I was born & raised in Owenton & I've lived in Owenton my whole life. I've never had a relationship or gotten married. I've never been in Love. I've never had a Girlfriend & I've never had my first kiss. I'm a 41 year old virgin. I've never dated or been on a date. I don't have a vehicle or a driver's license so I have to walk everywhere that I go. I dropped out of school when I was 16 years old & still in the 8th grade. I tried to get my GED 7 or 8 different times but eventually, I just gave up. I don't have a GED or a High School Diploma so I can't get a job. I'm on disability & Food Stamps & Medicade. Disability is my only source of income. I'm in credit card debt barely surviving. I can't afford to eat everyday. I live below the poverty line. Basically my financial situation looks bleak. I live in a small 1 bedroom government apartment building that houses 4 apartment units upstairs & 4 apartment units downstairs. I never had children because, like I said earlier, I'm a 41 year old virgin. I don't have any teeth because I had to have them all pulled. I've had two kidney stone attacks. My mom passed away last year in 2018 & my dad passed away in 1985. I had a brother who passed away also. I have 1 brother & 1 sister left. both of my grandmas are gone & my grandpa passed when I was born & I lost a Aunt & uncle also. I don't have very much family left & the ones I do have left live far away or they just want nothing to do with me. I spend the Holidays alone. I just don't celebrate the Holidays anymore. I spend the Holidays alone in my small apartment. I do suffer from anxiety, Depression, bipolar disorder, antisocial disorder, avoidant personality disorder, panic attacks, Schizophrenia & shyness & things like that. I also have Intermittent explosive disorder or IED for short which is a rage disorder. That's basically my life. I spend most of my time in my apartment except when I have to go out & pay bills or to just walk around Owenton for a bit. I've thought about doing drugs or just walking to Sparta to buy alcohol even though, I probably would be walking for 7 hours to get to Sparta. I've lived a very hard & difficult life so people don't know the half of it. Everybody that I knew in Owenton moved away I guess. Welcome to my life. I guess because I never had sex, I will remain a child forever which is not so bad. I'm like a manchild anyways. Being an adult is overrated anyways. you could say I'm a loser because I never had a chance from the start. It's almost like I was setup to fail from the start. I have been a failure in life but I nobody to blame but myself. I don't have any friends around. I do watch porn sometimes but not as much as I use to. I couldn't get a Girlfriend if my life depended on it basically.

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I'm sorry for you.

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King Shark

Well, look on the bright side, at least U have a roof over ur head & a place 2 sleep at night. There is people who don't even have that. I know life is tough for U but U have 2 keep Ur head up. Think positive thoughts & learn 2 control ur thoughts because that will help U b more happy I would think. I know people in Owenton don't like U & U have a bad reputation in Owenton but just keep looking out 4 Ur self & don't listen 2 anyone. Even though U don't have children, consider that a blessing in disguise. U don't have 2 pay child support & U only have 2 worry about ur self. as far as never having sex, consider that a blessing as well because U don't have 2 worry about contracting a STD & a virgin is a very powerful thing. Ur pure dude & that's a good thing. They do have a freestore food bank in Owenton if U need food. Look into that. U will be ok dude & never give up! John Cena has said that time & time again & it holds true. Believe in yourself. U will be just fine.

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I’ll try 🙃

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Thank you for sharing your story. Maybe one day we can spend a holiday together. I love to cook for the holidays.

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